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Rules of Forum

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:54 pm

Forum Rules:

Personal Information
Given out your address, full name, phone number, or credit card number is forbidden.

Spamming will not be allowed. Spam stands for stupid postless annoying messages.

Double Posting
Double posting is not allowed. Posting in a row or more.

You may only advertise in your signature.

Please do not curse or be rude to any member in anyway.

Inappropriate Pictures/Language
Don't post anything offensive or post anything inappropriate.

Backseat Mod
Don't pretend to be staff.

Illegal Content
Posting illegal content is forbidden.

Infractions will be given every time you break the rules. If you get five infractions then you will be banned from the forum.

If you have any confused just ask me here or PM me!

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